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Bosasa Youth Development Vision and Mission

Bosasa Youth Development Vision and Mission

Our Vision is:

"To provide specialised holistic youth development services."
Bosasa Youth Development Centres are unique in their approach to child care and rehabilitation. By utilising a specialised holistic approach we hope to not only give our children the grounding and support they need whilst in our care, but to also send them out into the world as well-rounded adults. These adults will integrate into - and contribute to - society. We do not solely offer physical care. There is also a great focus on emotional and educational support to assist these children in reaching their goals. Bosasa is fundamentally committed to youth development in South Africa.

Our Mission through our Youth Development Centres is:

  • To lay a proper foundation for our youth - This is a valuable fundamental because it facilitates becoming productive members of society.
  • To develop their skills and education - Our dedication to equip the youth who pass through our centres, with usable skills and education, is paramount to their later success in life.
  • To equip them to face life’s challenges - We understand that these children come from challenging circumstances and therefore aim to arm them with the tools they'll need to deal with these challenges when they leave our doors.
  • To reintegrate them back into society as responsible members of the community - Our children are our future, and we work endlessly to reintegrate them into society through our educational, vocational and therapeutic programs, so that they may be valuable members of their communities.

Bosasa Youth Development Centres are proud to provide a safe environment for the children that pass through our halls. We aim for them to re-enter society to be productive and well-rounded citizens with bright futures in our burgeoning nation.

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