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TrustMaster – Youth Care Software

TrustMaster – Youth Care Software

Bosasa’s Information Technology division, ON IT 1, developed the TrustMaster Child and Youth Care Software to facilitate custom knowledge management in Bosasa’s Youth Development Centres. Details of all children being cared for in these centres are entered into this sophisticated system, which features a biometric identification system using fingerprints.

This is used to provide a comprehensive and holistic database for developing and monitoring the children’s progress on all levels. All qualified and security-cleared personnel, including administrators, social workers, occupational therapists, educators, nurses, doctors and other professionals are linked to the main frame. This allows for a comprehensive and progressive data base can be built up for each child. Summary reports are generated and used for the continuous development of remedial programmes, while collective data is collated for statistical purposes and for further research in the field later on.

Image of TrustMaster hard- and software being used by a social worker

Thorough and Efficient Information Management

As a user-friendly, web-based system, the TrustMaster software package is able to capture and provide the following information for each child:

  • Updated information for any child being cared for at any one of Bosasa’s Youth Care Centres can be accessed by qualified personnel from wherever they may be, making this Youth Care Software very versatile, indeed.
    • Enrollment Details - The system is designed to provide a single view of a child, so a detainee who is enrolled at a particular youth centre will be recognised at any of the other Bosasa Youth Care Centres.
    • Personal Particulars - When a child arrives at a Bosasa Youth Care Centre for the first time, his or her details, such as first name, surname, fingerprints and photo are immediately captured on the system.
In summary, the TrustMaster Child and Youth Care Software consist of three main modules:
  1. The biometric database used to identify a child by his or her fingerprints.

  2. The TrustMaster software stores and manages all the information on the on-going care of a child i.e. medical history, education, developmental programmes and therapy.

  3. The Roll Call feature enables one to verify the number of children inside the facility, and in the system, by simply using a bar code scanner.

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