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Our Background

Our Background

In June 1995, the Bosasa Youth Development Centres (YDC) were established in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Social Development.  During this time, the government recognised the need for young offenders to be relocated from adult-occupied correctional facilities and cells to safer environments. This not only triggered a transformation within South Africa and the Child and Youth Care System, but also the beginning of the Bosasa Youth Development history.

At Bosasa, our desire to deliver excellent service and to give back to the local communities directed us in developing an effective strategy. It focused on the need for improved quality in the care services rendered to children in facilities and resulted in the successful implementation of youth care centres nationwide. All of these centres are responsible for providing care for youths between the ages of 14 and 17. In the case where a child is under the age of 14 years, the incident is referred to our Youth Centres. This child may then be granted a special arrangement to accommodate them.

The aim of our Youth Development Centres

The Mogale Youth Development Centre in Krugersdorp was the first secure-care centre of its kind to become privately managed. Now, together with all of its nationally based counterparts, they carry the same purpose. This is to provide young offenders with a second chance and give them the opportunity to be rehabilitated and reintegrate themselves back into their communities. Treating them as children as opposed to criminals allows them the benefit of choice and the opportunity to build new futures that are full of hope.

With fully integrated youth detention centres and our young offender programmes in place, our facilities offer children the possibility of repositioning and recreating their futures. The HOLISTIC Development Programme, a product of our Developmental Strategy, has also been installed with the aim to channel the youths’ talents, desires, abilities and energy in a positive way. It is through NQF aligned, Seta and Umalusi accredited education programmes, as well as counselling, skills development training and cultural and recreational activities, that this is achieved.

Succeeding on all counts

There is no denying that numerous challenges have had to be faced throughout the Bosasa YDC history. These include keeping our facilities clean, catering for large numbers and maintaining a secure environment for all of our detainees. However, despite all of this, we have never failed to provide exceptional care and full facilities management service to these disenfranchised children. By combining our abilities with our dedication towards social responsibility and service delivery superiority, we have transformed the quality of the care services offered to young offenders. It’s as a result of this achievement that Bosasa is regarded as an example and market leader, especially in the secure care sector.

At Bosasa, we believe that excellence not only lies within skill but within our attitude towards a holistic and systematic approach to social responsibility.

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