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General Information

Bosasa Youth Care Centres have operated in South Africa since 1995 when our first centre, The Mogale Youth Care Facility, was opened just outside Krugersdorp in Gauteng. Since then we have established a further 11 centres across the country. These range in capacity but not in the standards of worth and rehabilitation that they offer. We provide the same high quality of infrastructure and facilities to every child - in every facility. Bosasa Child and Youth Care Centres are guided by South African legislation as well as international trends and guidelines. We incorporate a multitude of disciplines and national policies into our internal processes and procedures. This is done to assure that each child who passes through our doors receives the best possible care and assistance to obtain their future goals and become valuable assets within their communities. 

At Bosasa we do not only strive for excellence but believe that to achieve it you need to have solid foundations. Therefore we have a three-pronged approach to the operation of our centres. Firstly there is a strict set of guiding principles and values, secondly our Code of Conduct and thirdly our Code of Ethics.


Bosasa Care Centres Guiding Principles and Values

Bosasa believes that the principles and practices below, lay that solid foundation for the complete well-being of the children in our care. Four basic principles are always adhered to.

  1. The best interest of the child.
  2. An environment of non-discrimination will be maintained at all times.
  3. The children in our care will be protected.
  4. Children have a fundamental right to survival and development.

 Furthermore please find below a breakdown of our values and responsibilities: 

  • Accountability: All Bosasa staff are held to high standards, and any interaction with either the children in our care or their families must be conducted in a professional and appropriate manner. This applies to each staff member at all times.
  • African Renaissance: Bosasa supports the concept of an African Renaissance and believes that as South Africans and Africans we must be respectful of our diverse cultures. A child’s cultural background and context will always be taken into account, and care suited to their personal requirements will be provided. Each child will be addressed and allowed to communicate in his or her home language even if an interpreter is necessary.
  • Age Appropriateness: The child’s age and intellectual development will be taken into account at all times, and all communication or activities must be appropriate.
  • Assessment: This is based on gathering information form the child, the family and community, as well as any case workers involved in dealing with them. The aim is to base the assessment on developing the strengths of the individual and dealing appropriately with any issues or weaknesses.
  • Best Interest of the Child: At Bosasa we believe in the BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) approach and do our best to instil a sense of mutual trust and support in the children we work with. They are our first priority at all times.
  • Care Plan: Each child has a Care Plan which is developed through our assessment process. The plan is a developmental schedule that aims to provide life-long quality relationships within the families as well as positive re-integration into their communities.
  • Child-Centred Approach: Every programme of Bosasa's holistic approach to child care and development is created and implemented with the needs of the child being of primary importance.
  • Community Centred Approach: Our children have to return to the communities they came from. To this end, we work closely with the community to assure that the environment that the child returns to is accepting and conducive to development. We also make sure the child is ready to return as an asset to their community.
  • Confidentiality: We will never disclose any information regarding the children in our care or their families without the proper, valid permission.
  • Continuity of Care and Development: We commit to not only care for the developmental and therapeutic needs of the children while they are in our care. Bosasa aims to create a long-term solution to the issues of our youth through ongoing support for the child, their family and the community after their release. We make programmes available on a continuous basis to perpetuate the emotional and educational growth of our young people.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency: All Bosasa staff strive to provide care and services to each child and their families in a speedy and efficient manner.
  • Empowerment: This is one of the most important principles of Bosasa centres. The resourcefulness of each child and their family is promoted and developed to create a sense of personal responsibility and practical empowerment.
  • Equality: Every child is given equal access to all available services and every effort is made to ensure that each child is treated equally.
  • Family Preservation: We always attempt to return a child to their family and community. Unfortunately in some situations it’s deemed that the child would be disadvantaged if returned to the care of their family. In these situations we aim to keep the lines of communication open where it will benefit the child.
  • Integration: Bosasa's holistic approach ensures that children's reintegration into their communities is supported and monitored. We have a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in place to facilitate integration both on family and social levels.
  • Non-Discrimination: No young person will be refused admission to a Bosasa Care Facility on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or cultural heritage.
  • Normalisation: As part of the child’s therapeutic-emotional development, we encourage and make a range of normalising activities, challenges and opportunities available.
  • Restorative Justice: Bosasa aims to restore harmony to our communities and attempt to right the wrongs and inequalities of the past, through development and education rather than punishment.
  • Rights-Based: We serve, and are committed to, the rights of children as stated in the South African Constitution as well as international conventions.
  • Strengths-Based: Bosasa's holistic development strategy identifies and builds on the strengths of each child.
  • Transitory Programmes: Bosasa offers residential care for children who are in trouble with the law. Both those awaiting trail and those awaiting sentence.

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