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Bosasa Youth Development Centre Success Stories

Bosasa Youth Development Centre Success Stories

Since 1995, the Bosasa group has committed vast amounts of scarce resources in order to ensure a better future, not only for the youth attending the programmes, but also for South Africa as a whole. The Bosasa Youth Development Centres have through the years assisted in the guidance of many children and they continue to do so today. Youth who were once destined for a life in crime and poverty, are given a new lease on life.

Through our educational, therapeutic and psychological programmes children receive guidance and find direction. Here are the inspirational stories of just a few children who once attended the Bosasa Youth Development Centres around South Africa and have made a dramatic change to their own lives.

Kefilwe Motsumi, 19, from Simunye in Westonaria

Every morning - bright and early - Kefilwe started her journey to school, on an empty stomach. Having to walk 15km each day in worn-out shoes for an education, and eventually being accused of theft, some might have thought 8-year-old Kefilwe never stood a chance.

Despite these insurmountable hurdles, Kefilwe remained positive and hopeful that something would come her way to aid her in achieving her dreams. With the support from Bosasa, this ambitious and intelligent young girl was enrolled in the President’s Award for youth development programme. It was no surprise to those who know Kefilwe, when she completed high school with 2 distinctions and 5 exemptions.

Kefilwe now studies Biomedical Sciences at Wits University with the help of her hard-earned bursaries and financial backing from Bosasa.  She hopes one day her story of change and hope will motivate others:

“Coming from a disadvantaged background does not mean you are disadvantaged. Not today, there are many possibilities. You can live beyond what you experience in your daily life. Your experiences do not have to determine your future. Take your destiny into your own hands and use the opportunities presented to you to write your future.”

Thabo Hlahale, 19

Until he was seven years old, Thabo was the younger of two brothers. Even though his mother was unemployed, his father provided for the family. Five younger brothers were born by the time he turned fifteen. Bosasa Youth Development Centre became home to Thabo at an extremely difficult time in his life. Most of his daily routine consisted of petty crimes, parties, alcohol and girls.

Circumstances became unbearable when his father sadly lost his job. His early teen years became a time of committing petty crimes to raise money. He had lost all focus in his studies. The Bosasa Youth Development Centre intervened just in time to help him set his life back on track.

Because of the continuous support and encouragement Thabo received from Bosasa staff (in particular, His math educator at Mogale Youth Centre - Makhosazana) he completed matric and received 3 distinctions. 

“For the first time in my life I became focused in my studies, something I would not have done prior to coming to Bosasa Youth Development Centre.” 

 Thabo now studies at a Johannesburg FET College and soon hopes to receive a diploma in financial accounting. The Bosasa Youth Development Centre offered Thabo a full bursary, ensuring all his study fees were paid in full.

Thabo Hlahale has this message for the youth currently at Bosasa Youth Development Centre:

“My six months on trial at Bosasa Youth Development Centre came as a blessing in disguise,” shares Thabo. “I always knew I did not deserve to be in prison. But I was not upset about being at Mogale Youth Centre. I needed to be there to find myself. The youth centre is for people who need a change and a second chance. Make good use of it.”

Alvin Ncube, 26

Born on the 20th of June 1986, Alvin was raised in a single-parent, disadvantaged family along with 5 other children. His chances at succeeding in life looked grim until coming to the Bosasa Youth Development Centre. It was here where he took part in educational classes, sporting and cultural activities, as well as musical groups. He developed social skills and through the guidance of the youth development workers he gained new life expectations.

Alvin enrolled in a Motor Mechanics Workshop and with the help and guidance of his instructors, completed modules 1, 2 and an Advanced Course in Motor Mechanics.

After his departure from the Bosasa Youth Development Centre, in 2002, he attended an after-care programme that provided clothing, food and shelter. Alvin has since completed a tertiary qualification and still strives for even higher achievements. Today he is a successful diesel and petrol mechanic.

“Halala! Bosasa! Halala! You changed my life. I am looking forward to having my own workshop and help others!”

Happy Molefe and Lucky Mgobuli

Benjamin Disraeli once said that “youth is the trustee of prosperity”. Two young men, who once took up residence at Mogale Youth Centre while awaiting trial, are living up to these words. Now in Bosasa Youth Development Centre’s aftercare programme, Happy Molefe and Lucky Mgobuli, both from Rietvallei, have decided to start a garden maintenance business (Closed Corporation).  

They will be working together with other young people from the youth centre and those who are trying their utmost best to improve their lives. The business is set to cater for people in the townships who do not have the time, or necessary resources, to take care of their gardens.Preview

Both Lucky and Happy once faced a dark future filled with crime and pain. Both were arrested for their part in separate criminal activities, but received a second chance at the Bosasa Youth Development Centres.

Lucky had the following to say,

“Being back at the Youth Centre made me realise that I had to change my lifestyle and stop being a tsotsi. I realised that I could be a better person who did not hurt other people and who did not have to do crime. I learned how to treat others with respect and how I should behave in society. I also did a computer course but didn’t finish due to my release”

The aim of starting this business is to be able to create jobs for other young people who find themselves sitting at home with nothing constructive to do.  They ultimately hope to reduce the number of young people who end up turning towards a life in crime so as to make a living. Lucky and Happy hope that their inspirational story of how they turned their lives around, with the help of Bosasa, will serve as a shining example to others.

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