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Multi-Disciplinary Team

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Part of South Africa’s National Crime Prevention Strategy, is the call for programmes aimed at diverting young offenders away from the criminal justice system, where their path to responsible adult citizenship is almost always hindered. The purpose of Bosasa’s Youth Development Centres is to intervene in the lives of juvenile offenders, offering them the protection and guidance of a Secure Care facility when they are at their most vulnerable.

A Holistic Development Programme, provided by a team of professional caregivers from several areas of specialisation, rehabilitates misguided youth by restoring their rights to physical, cognitive, emotional, social and economic development.

At Bosasa, a multi-disciplinary approach is taken to the rehabilitation of young offenders, in which each child’s potential and needs are evaluated in a holistic manner and his or her development is encouraged. This is done while building a foundation of comprehensive wellbeing for each child; in both body and mind.

South Africa’s youth are the cornerstones of its communities

Our multi-disciplinary approach to each child’s wellness is entrusted to a group of highly trained professionals, who each contribute to a fundamental aspect of the child’s developmental progress.

This team of caregivers includes:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Instructors
  • Educators
  • Child and youth care workers
  • Psychiatrists (on a sessional basis)
  • Psychologists (on a sessional basis)

Therapeutic relationships are the source of much comfort and alleviation to the young offenders in Bosasa’s care. However, the role of child and youth care workers extends beyond assuagement. They motivate and steer the personal development of youngsters - focusing on positive aspects of social competence as a point of reintegration into society.

Child and youth care workers, together with psychologists, utilise therapeutic intervention to help improve the self-perception of young individuals. Occupational therapists focus on the development of the child’s independence, helping them to participate in classroom activities and facilitating the progress of therapeutic and educational programmes according to the child’s needs and abilities.

Working alongside occupational therapists, instructors and educators oversee the cultivation of intellectual and entrepreneurial development in the children. This assists in the successful vocational reintegration of young offenders and facilitates the cultural, sporting and recreational activities that build interpersonal skills.

All children have the right to health care services. A medical team comprising of nurses and doctors is available to care for the health of young offenders under Bosasa’s management.

Finally, equally important roles are played by the social workers who implement the effective and efficient rendering of services to the youth in Bosasa’s care. These professionals also ensure that internal policies and practices are in accordance with South African legislation, international guidelines and national policy.

In line with the policies of the Child Care Act, Bosasa believes that juveniles should not be detained within the environment of the criminal justice system. The secure care facilities at Bosasa’s Youth Care Centres provide a secure environment that limits unnecessary trauma.

Our programmes of rehabilitation, overseen by multi-disciplinary teams who form a network of support and guidance, lead all of the young offenders in our care toward a successful reintegration into society.

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