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Our BBBEE contributions are only a single facet of BOSASA’s ethos of holistic transformation, which emphasises a consistent dedication to training and development through mentorship and service excellence.
Life-changing transformations are the heart of BOSASA’s business, and our goal is to instil a sense of pride and purpose within South Africans, equipping them with the skills they need to lead positive, productive lives. This is especially true when it comes to our outreach initiatives around the country.

Our accreditation, across all of our programmes and Child and Youth Care Centres, is of the highest standard. These holistic initiatives are recognised and accredited by respected regulatory bodies, which guarantee that the utmost standards in educational excellence are met and professional services delivered. Furthermore, BOSASA is a proud achiever among BBBEE contributors in the economic and social development sectors of South Africa.


Our mission is to allow children and youth in conflict with the law to receive certified qualifications that will enable them to further develop their skills. In doing so, they are empowered to overcome the obstacles of their past; reaching beyond the possibilities dictated by their circumstances. It is only through meaningful and legitimate education that these South Africans will be able to rewrite their histories, building on their positive personal attributes. We are proud to be a part of a future in which South Africans are able to better not only their own lives, but also contribute to the economic growth of our country.

BOSASA’s facilities are registered with the Department of Education and accredited by organisations that ensure the highest quality standards, such as Umalusi: the Council for quality insurance in General and Further Education and Training.

BOSASA’s programmes have also been developed according to the guidelines and regulations of relevant Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). This ensures that educational qualifications are valuable, credible and nationally recognised.
By providing a curriculum that is aligned with the principles of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), we can ensure not only genuine qualifications, but an internationally comparable level of education and training. Finally, in addition to contributing to the personal career development of the individuals involved, working within the NQF’s structure allows us to train individuals in several occupations. This allows them to contribute meaningfully to the social and economic development of South Africa as a whole.


Transformation, development and education go hand in hand with the principles of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). Accordingly, BOSASA is proud to have achieved an ABVA-verified, Level 2 BBBEE status. In keeping with our dedication to social development, BOSASA’s BBBEE procurement principles focus specifically on contributing to the SMME and skills development sectors.

Our BBBEE contributions are only a single facet of BOSASA’s ethos of holistic transformation, which emphasises a consistent dedication to training and development through mentorship and service excellence. This superiority is also the result of recognised accreditation by Umalusi, as well as the SETA and NQF aligned programmes. These certifications support professional caregivers in going beyond education to facilitate the transformation of vulnerable youth, who are the foundation of our nation’s future.

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