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Syvion Dlamini – Director of Professional Services

Syvion Dlamini currently holds the title of the BOSASA Youth Development Centres Director of Professional Services. He first obtained a Diploma with TSA and then finalised his Honours Degree in child and youth development at the University of South Africa. Syvion has always specialised within this field and is mostly recognised for his work with underprivileged and vulnerable children.
Syvion started his career as a child and youth care worker at a children’s home. There, he gained six years’ previous experience as a unit leader and child care practitioner. He steadily climbed the ladder within the organisation and soon became a manager. After some time, he moved into training, which is where he spent most of his time before joining BOSASA. He has also been involved with numerous teaching programmes; especially those focusing on secure care and supervision at such facilities, as well as assault response coaching.

Syvion was initially employed as a trainer at BOSASA before he was promoted to a unit leader. In this position, it was his responsibility to run the teaching facility. As a result of this, he was appointed as Director of Professional Services. He is now responsible for the social work, child and youth care and health services for all of our youth facilities nationally.

The development of the child and youth care field to where it is now is one of Syvion’s greatest satisfactions. In fact, he is extremely proud to be part of this movement, especially with the government finally recognising the need and challenges facing secure care for young offenders. The need for a standard generating body being formed was also seen, as this will help to develop qualifications and rules for people studying this specific course. Syvion has been very involved in the process of creating this group.

In order to align himself with the direction of our group, he wishes to enrol for his Masters Degree in the near future, and follow this with a PhD.

Syvion believes that it’s important to change the mind frames of people through relationships and the ability to connect. His major role in making a difference through BOSASA is as a result of his ability to relate with people and associate with employees from different backgrounds. By understanding that children are the building blocks to South Africa’s stability and economic future, he has been able to use his expert knowledge to make that change. His unique skills and training services have helped BOSASA achieve character and self-esteem building, re-socialisation and reintegration for all the children in our care.

BOSASA recognises Syvion Dlamini as a development specialist and commends him highly on his achievements within his field. He has strengthened our company with his talents and capabilities. His continuous aim towards service excellence and high-quality places us as leaders in the field with exceptional standards.

"He who has learned how to obey will know how to command" - SOLON
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