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Holistic Development Strategy

Children have specific needs that are unique from those required by adults. When developing any kind of strategy involving children, special focus needs to be placed on their right to physical, emotional, cognitive, social and economic development.
BOSASA Youth Development Centres have a truly unique holistic development strategy that covers all of the above areas in such a manner as to truly unlock each and every child’s potential.

This holistic strategy offers children a channel through which talents, desires, abilities and energy can be directed in a safe and controlled environment. By doing this, children will learn to embrace who they are and what they’re truly capable of achieving once they set their minds to it; resulting in a positive change where they gain a sense of belonging, mastery, independence, generosity and worth.


  1. Education
  2. Personal Development
  3. Therapeutic Intervention
  4. Cultural activities
  5. Entrepreneurial Development
  6. Sport and recreation
  7. Reintegration back into society

When participating in the programme, children are encouraged to form relationships that are meaningful, stimulate a positive self-image, increase their intellectual ability and encourage a sense of social responsibility. Ultimately the main purpose of this strategy is to successfully reintegrate the child into society smoothly and without any problems.


  • Developmental in nature: among other things we focus on their strengths, we build up competencies within each child, encourage trial and error learning as a method to grow and widen their knowledge levels, as well as foster a strong belief of potential within not only the child but the whole family system.
  • Restorative and rehabilitative: we encourage children who have come into conflict with the law to make amends with their past actions, and focus on putting right their wrongs, rather than handing down punishment.
  • Programmes are therapeutic in nature: by introducing a social worker, psychologist or occupational therapist in the process, we give the children an opportunity to talk about their problems. This can be restorative, rehabilitative and improve their social functioning abilities for when they are reintroduced into society.
  • Programmes restore dignity: a high level of respect is always shown for each child’s well-being and emphasis is placed on building their dignity. When interventions are done, we ensure that they are of a kind and nurturing nature, avoiding any kind of physical, emotional or social harm to the child.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to programmes: we make use of a multi-disciplinary approach, as it assists when examining other treatment options (therapy, counselling) rendering a positive service and when evaluating each child in a holistic manner.
  • Providing children with alternatives rather than condeming them to a life of crime we give them a second chance. Through our programmes we ensure that the youth of today will be responsible, educated and capable leaders, resulting in a better tomorrow for us all.
  • Encouraging Children to participate in their own development allows them to take ownership for their circumstances. It also teaches them vital decision making skills and ensures that they are committed to their own development.
"Character and competency keeps one at the top, ability is only a stepping stone." - Gavin Watson
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