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Aviation Project puts our boys in control


Boys who find themselves in circumstances where their daily lives are fully controlled by others, often feel powerless. They need extra dimensions to their weekly routines to give them a sense of autonomy.

The learning of useful skills and the exploring of new interests could accomplish this. For the above reasons Leseding Youth Centre promotes various activities such as guitar lessons, soccer tournaments, etc., whilst the Aviation Project provides an extra opportunity for boys to stretch their knowledge, skills and interests.

Any boy can attend the workshops, on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, presented by members and friends of Snoopy’s Squadron Model Aircraft Club. He will be involved in making and flying his very own rubber-powered model aircraft, using tools and materials sponsored by SAMAA* and Snoopy’s Squadron.

For those who show further interest, an electric powered SANDOW model is being built by the boys and will be flown from the African Gate area in due course. Those who have persevered with the building project will be taught to fly the radio controlled model using the “Buddy Box” system, where the instructor will give them an opportunity to assume control of the model.

As BOSASA is on the flight path of light aircraft going into Jack Taylor airfield, and airliners flying to Lanseria, boys with imagination can allow their awakening interest in the Aviation Project to enable them to soar above the confines of their present circumstances and experience freedom every time they hear an aircraft overhead!

*SAMAA: South African Model Aircraft Association, in partnership with the South African Air Force and the Lotto Fund. The Dart Project is designed to introduce previously and presently disadvantaged young people to the joys of aviation.

Impressive Heritage Day Celebrations at ...

10/12/2016 - Heritage Day is an important day in our country; it signifies the beauty of the various cultures South Africa is blessed with as well as the unity of the country as a whole.  The Youth Development Centres have always celebrated Heritage Day and this year was no different.  This year, the event was held a few days after Heritage Day to acc... More

BOSASA YDC launches Child Protection Wee...

6/2/2015 - On 1 June 2015 the BOSASA Youth Development The much anticipated launch of Centre Child Protection Week took off amid enthusiasm and cheer on 1 June 2015. The leadership of the Mogale, Khayalethu and Leseding Youth Centres invited additional employees to their staff morning meeting to introduce child protection week activities. “We decide... More

Nurses: A Force for Change: Care Effecti...

5/12/2015 - Health care professionals around the world celebrate International Nurses Day every May 12. It is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. She was the founding member of the nursing profession. To mark this day, the International Council of Nurses produces and distributes the International Nurses' Day (IND) Kit. The IND Kit... More

BOSASA’s Khayalethu YDC Boys Take Part i...

4/21/2015 - BOSASA’s Youth Development Centres (YDC) are invested in improving the lives of underprivileged children and run a number of upliftment programmes.  BOSASA’s Khayalethu YDC has produced more soccer stars than any other sport. They have also expanded their sports programme to include athletics.  Khayalethu YDC is one of three BOSASA Yout... More

Rustenburg Youth Centre Gets a Visit fro...

3/10/2015 - On the 20th February 2015 the Rustenburg Child & Youth Care centre which is also managed by BOSASA Group received a special visit from Pastor Kent. He motivated the youth to trust in the Lord. He encouraged them to pray at all times giving them practical examples of the power of prayer from his personal experiences. He shared the story of... More

BOSASA YDC children’s talent rockets...

1/27/2015 - BOSASA Youth Development Centres (YDC) children have talent. This is a statement often taken lightly until we are left gasping with awe at the sheer brilliance of their talent showcase. Their crafts that are displayed at the BOSASA YDC head office show the vastness and depth of talent they possess. Aside from their aesthetic offering, ... More

BOSASA Empowers the Youth for a Better T...

1/20/2015 - 2014 Outreach initiatives in Polokwane Presentation at Good Hope Primary School Our professional Services Team visited Good Hope Primary School in Westenburg, Polokwane to conduct an awareness talk on the effects and the consequences of criminal acts, as well as the dangers of substance abuse. The talk was targeted at the grade 07 learn... More

The BOSASA Annual Corporate Fast...

1/16/2015 - Join us for our 21 Day Annual Corporate Fast as we prepare in prayer for a Year of Significance! The fast will take place from 19 January - 9 February 2015. Trusting in God for victories and breakthroughs in every area of our lives in 2015. Matthew 6:33 Click here to download the Corporate Fasting & Prayer booklet to encourage you duri... More

Interview by SABC, Cutting Edge on Gende...

12/16/2014 - Gender based violence has been a concerning aspect in our society lately.  The media has been filled with more incidences of young people in conflict with the law due to commission of sexual offences. In the month of October, our company was lately asked to respond on this matter and requested to respond to questions related to this off... More

Why Certification Day...

12/9/2014 - Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of a person, organization or object. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, or assessment. One of the most common types of certification in modern society is professional certification, where a person is certified ... More

Leseding soccer team aims for the stars...

12/2/2014 - Welcome to Leseding YDC, said the sign at the entrance. Leseding is a BOSASA Youth Development Centre for sentenced young people in the Mogale and Khayalethu 3-Centre complex. It is home to boys whose ages range from 15 to 17 and serve terms of up to 5 years. But something good may come out of their stay at the youth centre. A soccer team... More

Mosupatsela High School’s Teachers’ Appo...

11/25/2014 - All roads must lead to educational excellence. And excellence is all that it has become. A message which is as undeniable as this is even more compelling when carried through every facet of BOSASA Group’s actions. After two years of having responded to the outcry, and supporting the nutritional needs of the learners at Mosupatsela High Sc... More

Youth Development Foundation (YDF): Drug...

11/18/2014 - Youth Development Foundation (YDF): Drug Abuse In-patient Treatment According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Association, illegal drug consumption in South Africa is double the world average. This has led to an increase in crime rates especially among poor or unemployed South Africans. Figures published by the South African... More

Former World IBF Champion Works at a BOS...

10/24/2014 - Lunga “Mad Dog” Ntontela is a care worker at John X Merriman Youth Development Centre. Despite his intimidating nickname, Lunga is by no means a menace. His nickname ‘Mad Dog’ stems from his career as a professional boxer and his relentless dedication was reminiscent of a dog with a bone. Sky Albany, BOSASA Security Regional Coordinat... More

Executive Deputy Chairperson of the NYDA...

7/24/2014 - The Executive Deputy Chairperson of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Kenny Morolong visited BOSASA Youth Development Centre at Mogale City on Mandela Day, accompanied by NYDA staff. They came bearing gifts and food they had prepared in the catering training kitchen. They also cleaned a room, which is going to be used as the... More

Youth Sports Against Crime and Drugs at ...

6/12/2014 - A special event called ‘Youth sports against crime and drugs’ was held in Sikhobeni Village. This village is situated 5km away from the Bisho Provincial Government. It is one of the poor, rural areas of the old Ciskei. Most of the population are unemployed and dependent on the Department of Social Development for their monthly grants. How... More


5/27/2014 - At BOSASA we believe that every child has strengths and weaknesses. We aim to encapsulate their strengths and promote these, whilst helping the child develop coping strategies for his/her areas of weakness.  The ultimate aim is that each child reaches his/her full potential. As each child’s background and learning potential is unique, t... More


4/29/2014 - Bosasa Youth Development Centres assisted me to bear testimony to the fact that life is about choices, acclimatisation and adaptation. Never in my life did I imagine that I will be at a level of understanding a child that is disrespectful and physically abusive to a parent or an adult. It is not easy to adapt to new routines for any hu... More


4/22/2014 - Men must wake up to the reality of the significance of their responsibility in their families and in society. This was the message that was driven home by the men’s conference recently held at Khayalethu Youth Development Centre. The conference brought together BOSASA YDC, civil society and religious leaders into the same space with the b... More

BOSASA Staff and DCS Offenders: enjoy a...

3/28/2014 - This year on the 25th March, BOSASA Training Department hosted a special graduation ceremony. This was for 36, new, Level 1 inmate students, 8 BOSASA Cooks for the Ultimate Cookery Course Level 2 and two BOSASA staff. They were handed white chef jackets for successfully completing the 2012 and 2013 Apprenticeship programmes respectively. ... More

Visit by the CEO...

11/12/2013 - There was  a buzz of excitement at the John X Merriman child care centre when Nkokheli took a little time out of his busy schedule to visit the centre. Upon his arrival, he was welcomed by the presence of Danie Van Tonder, Syvion Dlamini, Basie Baasdien and the youth centre management. The regional coordinator - Luxolo Malindi - took upon... More

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Impressive Heritage Day Celebrations at BOSASA YDC
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